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Speakers and Discussion Leaders
Panel Discussion: The Wearables Evolution
Past Speakers
Call for Speakers

Speakers and Discussion Leaders

(listed in alphabetical order, by speaker’s company name; detailed abstracts are below)

Innovation and Emerging Trends in Wearables: Health Insurance Provider Perspective
Lakshmi Kalluri
Sr. Product Management Director

Radar for Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring: Validation Study Observations and Results
Catherine Liao

Wearables for Cardio Applications: Emerging Technologies and Applications
James Hayward
Principal Technology Analyst

Leveraging Wearables for Home Based Cardiac Rehabilitation
Tad Funahashi, MD
Kaiser Permanente

Wearable Technologies for Monitoring Cardiac Arrythmia
Rohan Sonawane, PhD
Sr. Medical Affairs Manager

Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring: Venture Capitalist’s Perspective
Anil Achyuta
Investment Director
TDK Ventures

Thought Leadership Panel Discussion: The Wearables Evolution: From Consumer to Medical-Grade Devices

(listed in alphabetical order, by speaker’s company name)

Matt Banet, PhD
Senior Director of R&D

Brandon Searle
Director Rhythm Commercial Execution
Boston Scientific

Paul Chen
Director Product Management

Mark Wehde
Assistant Professor
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science

Lisa Carmel
Vice President Strategy

Michael Neidert
Vice President Strategic Development

Past Speakers

Many thanks to our speakers from the parent conference Medical Wearables 2019 and 2020.

Medical Wearables and Remote Patient Monitoring
Omid Toloui
Vice President of Innovation

Wearable Devices for Remote Patient Data Collection in Pharmaceutical R&D Applications
Gerard Nahum, MD, Vice President of Research and Development
Michael Kremliovsky, PhD, Sr. Director of Medical Devices and eHealth
Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Micro-Precision 3D Printing for Medical Wearables Applications
Jason Bassi
Director of Sales

How Medical Wearables Will Deliver Value in Healthcare Digital Ecosystems
Alex Dukic
Vice President R&D, Digital Ventures
Boston Scientific

Wearables for Vascular Health: Beyond Traditional Blood Pressure
Ahmad Qasem, PhD
Senior Director of Research

Clinical Trial Findings: Long Term Durability of Medical Tapes and Adhesives
Ronald Horwitz, PhD
Vice President Quality and R&D

Liquid Crystal Polymers for Miniaturization of Wearable Device
Phil Wilson
Program Director for Medical Devices

Automated Cloud-Based Design Generation of ASICs for Wearable Sensors
Jeff DiCorpo
SVP Business Development

Designing Sensors for Consumer Wearables: Reliability, Power, and Performance Considerations
Pieris Berreitter
Director of Hardware Engineering

From Idea to Market – Mobile Gas Sensing
Fritz Herrmann
Technical Sales Manager
Fraunhofer IPMS

System Integration for Medical Wearables: From MEMS to Mobile Point-of-Care Diagnostics
Michael Scholles, PhD
Head of Project Hub MEOS
Fraunhofer IPMS

Towards Disposable Wireless Patient Monitoring Sensors
Juha Virtanen, PhD
Principal Engineer, Wearable Sensors
GE Healthcare

Sensors for Volatiles for Medical Applications
Radislav Potyrailo, PhD
Principal Scientist
GE Research

Building Products Based on Science: A Cardiologist’s Perspective
Kapil Parakh, MD, PhD
Medical Lead, Google Fit

Wearable Technologies for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Sagar Savla
Product Manager

Human Centric Wearables for Personalized Care
Thiru Kanagasabapathi
Sr. Project Manager
Holst Center

Managing Chronic Diseases and Extreme WorkEnvironments with Wearable Devices
Jonas Weiss, PhD
Senior Researcher
IBM Research

Wearable Medical Devices: Market Overview, Recent Developments, and Emerging Trends
James Hayward
Principal Technology Analyst

High-Volume Manufacturing of Printed Electronics for Medical Wearables
Florian Ullrich
Business Developer

Wearable Technologies for Enabling Patient Engagement and Clinical Research
Paul Burton, MD
Chief Global Medical Affairs Officer
Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Wearables and Digital Health in Preventive Cardiology
Seth Martin, MD
Associate Professor
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

COVID Silver Lining: Accelerating From Virtual Doctor Visits to Wearables for Health Monitoring
John Mattison, MD
CMIO and Assistant Medical Director Emeritus
Kaiser Permanente

Assessing the Risk of Falls in Older Adults with Inertial Sensors and Machine Learning
Barry Greene
Kinesis Health Technologies

A Wearable-Agnostic IoT Platform: From Sensors to Health Solutions
Franco du Preez, PhD
Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer

Accurate and Reliable Skin Thermometry for Wearables
Joris Roels
Marketing Manager Temperature Sensors

Powering a Trillion Smart and Wearable Devices
Janet Hur

Smart Contact Lenses: How Augmented Reality Can Offer a Brighter Future for the Visually Impaired
Mike Wiemer
CTO and Vice President Engineering
Mojo Vision

Force-Sensing Solutions for Wearable Devices
Steve Pratt
Sr. Director, Business Development

Self-Powered Wearable Sensors for Health Monitoring
Veena Misra, PhD
Professor and Director of ERC ASSIST
North Carolina State University

Soft Skin-Interfaced Systems with Biochemical Sensing Capabilities
Roozbeh Ghaffari, PhD
Associate Professor
Northwestern University

Wearable Sensors for COVID-19: Gaps and Opportunities
Shuai "Steve" Xu
Assistant Professor
Northwestern University

Practical MEMS Production and Micro Assembly Expertise for Wearables
Paul Bekkers
Business Development Manager
Philips Innovation Services

Bridging the Medical and Consumer Wearables Chasm: Commercial, Technology, and Investment Perspectives
Sean Cheng, PhD
Investment Manager
Philips Ventures

Wearable Technologies for the Management of Degenerative Neurological Conditions
John Ralston, PhD
Founder and CEO

Smartwatch Solutions for Cardiac Rehabilitation and Blood Pressure Applications
Swapnil Vinod
Senior Product Manager, Digital Health & Wearables
Samsung Electronics

MoneyBall Medicine, Medical Wearables, and the Data-Driven Healthcare Market
Harry Glorikian
General Partner
Scientia Funds

Breaking Through the MEMS Barrier
Carlos Stahr
Business Development
Silex Microsystems

CMOS MEMS Process Technologies for Wearable Devices
Arjun Kumar Kantimahanti
Sr. Vice President of Technology Development

Wearable Technologies for Patients, Care Teams, and Employers in the COVID-19 Environment
Anders Strömberg
Director, Head of Wearable Platform Division

Medical Wearables: Emerging Technologies, Applications, and Venture Capital Perspective
Anil Achyuta
Investment Director
TDK Ventures

Micro-Fabrication Solutions for Smart Wearable Devices
Stephane Martel
Director of the Project Management Office
Teledyne Micralyne

Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitoring: Challenges and Opportunities
Roozbeh Jafari, PhD
Texas A&M University

Iontronic Devices for Medical Wearables Applications
Shiming Zhang, PhD
Assistant Professor
University of Hong Kong

Smartwatch-Brain Interface Architectures for Neurocognitive Stress
Rose Faghih, PhD
Assistant Professor
University of Houston

Wearables and Machine Learning: Finally Making an Impact on Healthcare
Ryan Kraudel
VP Marketing

Sensor Technologies for Medical Wearables and Personal Medical Devices
Ulrich Bretthauer, PhD
Product Marketing Manager Medical
X-FAB Group

Electrochemical Biosensors in Consumer and Medical Wearables
James Powers
Business Development
Zimmer and Peacock

Many thanks to our speakers from Medical Wearables 2019.

CMUTs and PMUTs for Disruptive Medical Wearable Devices
Paul Bekkers, MSc.
Business Development Manager
Philips Innovation Services, MEMS and Micro Devices

Medical Wearables and Machine Learning: Emerging Trends and Clinical Applications
Uli Chettipally, MD, MPH
Chief Technology Officer, CREST Network
Kaiser Permanente

Smart Sensing for Humans: From Smartwatch to Smarter Watch
Mayank Goel, PhD
Assistant Professor
Carnegie Mellon University

How Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology Is Transforming Healthcare
Walter Greenleaf, PhD
Research Neuroscientist, Medical Product Developer
Stanford University, Virtual Human Interaction Lab

Sensor Fusion and Medical Wearables: Emerging and Future Technology Trends
Steve Groothuis
Chief Technology Officer
Samtec Microelectronics

Medical Wearables and 5G: Enabling the Transformation of Healthcare Delivery
Justin McGloin
Sr. Director, Engineering

Wearable Technologies, Sensors, and Data Analytics for Chronic Disease Applications
Sandra Nagale, PhD
Sr. Manager, Digital Health
Boston Scientific

Wearable Form Factors for Sustained Usage and Data Gathering
Chandra Narayanaswami, PhD
Principal Research Staff Member
IBM TJ Watson Research Center

Wearable Gas and Physiological Sensors for Medical Applications
Radislav Potyrailo
Principal Scientist, PhD
GE Research Center

Consumer Wearables: Recent Trends and Gradual Evolution into Healthcare Applications
Cliff Raskind
Senior Director, Smart Devices and IoT
Strategy Analytics

How Technology Innovation in Healthcare Will Drive Down Costs
Gary Shapiro
President and CEO
Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

Medical Wearables for Improved Outcomes in Diabetes
Rohan Sonawane, MD
Clinical Marketing Manager

(2019 Technology Showcase speakers - listed alphabeticaly, by company name)

Del Lawson, PhD
Sr. Technical Manager

Srijanani Bhaskar
Business Development Manager, Advanced Materials
DuPont Intexar

Chip Maschal
Vice President Sales and Business Development
Eshylon Scientific

Roozbeh Parsa
Vice President Product Sensors
Rockley Photonics

Eiken So
R&D Engineer
SCHOTT North America

Dhiraj Bora
President and CEO
Silitronics Solutions

Walt Maclay
Voler Systems

(2019 Startup Showcase speakers – listed alphabetically, by company name)

Marc Rippen

Catherine Liao
Co-Founder and CEO

André Bertram
Co-Founder and CEO

Pierre-Alexandre Fournier
Co-Founder and CEO

Guy Hatch, MD
Reveal BioSensors

Joe Bingold

Call for Speakers

If you’d like to participate as a speaker, please call Jessica Ingram at 360-929-0114 or send a brief email with your proposed presentation topic to

Conference scope includes topics related to cardio wearables, such as:

  • Cardio device trends, competitive forces and dynamics, market drivers, emerging applications, and disruptive technologies
  • Emerging types of wearable cardio devices, sensors, materials, and smart fabrics
  • Business trends, market projections, M&A developments, and startup activity
  • Applications of cardio wearables for medical diagnostics and screening
  • Flexible, stretchable, printed, and hybrid electronics for cardio wearables
  • Connectivity, sensor fusion, body area networks, software algorithms, contextual awareness, virtual sensors, data transmission, and processing
  • Fabrication, packaging, and assembly techniques
  • Ultra-low power systems and components, energy harvesters, micro batteries and energy storage, supercapacitors, and power management solutions
  • Government policy effects, regulatory compliance, security
  • Impacts of enabling technologies such as artificial intelligence, as well as virtual and augmented reality for cardio wearables applications
  • Digital health, “quantified self” movement, and usage paid insurance
  • Technology transfer, ecosystems and hubs, company formation